OS-Tech T1 Mantis Wire Gaming Keyboard


OS-Tech T1 Mantis Wire Gaming Keyboard

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Press Scroll Lock To ( RGB Light )9 key with no conflict:19 key without conflict design. for the players to save the game when the key to trouble of Conflict. Suspended surface key cap, do not fade:104 key S-shaped floating modeling, each keycap concave surface design, uniform force, beautiful lines, easy to clean, laser carved characters, keycap will not fade. A key switch is designed independently:The keyboard uses an independent light design, according their own to choose the beginning. Suspension button mechanical feel design:High-level design, never card keys, so that the keyboard closer to the mechanical feel at the same time, greatly improving the button bounce. Regardless of the players in the more intense game can accurately issued instructions. Stable anti-slip design:Double stable reinforcement of the anti-skid design, allows you to brave in the passionate game in the game more easy to operate in the game.

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